' THE QUEENS ' is the latest film  by Cathal O'Brien for The Carry Nation.

Featuring New York's Sussi and London's Joey.

" A film by a queen starring two queens for two New York queens celebrating the queens that came before us " 

'THE QUEENS' is the lead single from The Carry Nation's newly released self titled EP.

EP released on BattyBass Records (London 2017)

Created : Directed : Edited by Cathal O'Brien

The Queens  

‘We live by the golden rule’ is a commissioned fashion film for a collection of the same title by Jill Kennedy.

Shot at the listed Balfron Tower in London’s east end.

Directed shot and edited by Cathal O’Brien.

Music score designed by Cathal O’Brien.

London ©2013

We Live By The Golden Rule

A film commissioned by Kris Di Angelis to accompany his live stage show at London’s Lovebox Festival.

The film was projected across multiple screens on a loop , huge. A film of two parts, part one shown here.

‘Siren Calling’ stars Kris Di Angelis and Munroe Bergdorf.

The film was later picked up and exhibited as stills in large scale poster format with Huge Galeria, Buenos Aires.
Directed shot and edited by Cathal O'Brien

London ©2012 

Buenos Aires ©2013

Siren Calling - Kris Di Angelis

‘All things return at Night’, the first official music video for Ballet School’s

(Bella Union) debut single shot in Berlin.


London ©2012

All Things Return At Night

‘Bedlam’ - A film by Cathal began initially as a commissioned piece of work for The NYC Downlow with London’s VFD AT Glastonbury Festival.

It went on to be selected as part of a group exhibition in Berlin, in 2012 ‘ SOLO : a group effort’. Rhyannon Styles features and would later use the piece for her own one woman show in London. The’Bedlam’  piece in it’s entirety is an hour in length.

Bedlam stars Jay Barry Matthews, Lyal Hakaraia, Liz Bisoux, Bica and Anthony Nuku.

Directed, shot and edited by Cathal O'Brien 

London ©2011